Founded in 2011, housed in a 105,000 sq. ft. facility in Zanesville, OH, and filled with over 500 years of cumulative industry experience, The Patriot Companies are the go-to solutions for metal-based product production and modifications.

We combine a hard-driven will, muscle, strategy, adaptability, and a "we will persevere" attitude to position our customers for the win.

This is the American Way.

This is the Patriot Companies Way.


Patriot is a quality-driven company that offers services to the Energy segment. We strive to be the best in our field and achieve safety and reliability over all else. In a fast-moving industry where companies pop up overnight and fade away quickly, rest assured that you are considering an industry leader in quality, safety, and professionalism. Call Patriot first!


Our people are the most essential part of the business. We only employ quality individuals and train them to be the highest skilled craftsmen in their field. With over 100 years of cumulative experience working for you, rest assured that we have seen just about every challenge and have successfully overcome many stringent deadlines. This has only happened because of our drive, innovative nature, extensive knowledge base, resourcefulness, and sense of duty to our customers.


We have a complete fabrication facility to handle small, medium, and large scale fabrication for customer pickup, delivery, or our field crews as support. We are happy to provide quotations/estimates for any project or job.


They did repairs on our mower deck. Great job and customer service was A+.

Bonnie Brock

Great management. Very competent operator. Super professional, and their equipment was top-notch.

Bill Scott

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